Pharmaceutical Services in Asheboro, NC

When it comes to medication, you can’t wait around for your prescription to be filled. When you trust Central Carolina Pharmaceutical Services, you won’t have to. We work quickly and diligently to fill, pack and deliver your prescriptions. Serving individuals, group homes, assisted living facilities and more, we’ll always handle your prescription in Asheboro, NC with candor and care.

Prescription Filling

Whether you’ve got a script for a temporary prescription or you’re taking long-term medication daily, we welcome your business. Our pharmacy is fully-stocked and unwaveringly compliant when it comes to filling scripts for customers. You can trust that we’ll fill your prescription in a timely manner, and that your questions and concerns will be answered by our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Delivery Services

For the elderly, disabled, or those unable to leave home due to health or circumstances, we offer a prescription delivery service in Asheboro, NC and surrounding areas. Just call in or go online to have your prescription filled, and we’ll bring it directly to you as quickly as possible. We often provide this service to health services providers, such as group homes, assisted living facilities and other administrative care providers.

Compliance Packing

We specialize in bubble packing—a form of compliance packing that ensures medication is secure, yet easier for non-medically trained staff in a care facility to administer to a patient. Bubble packing also benefits disabled or elderly persons who may be taking multiple forms of medication, since each pack is labeled with a brief description of the prescription included within its contents.

Taking Pharmaceutical Services to a Higher Level

With emphasis on quickness, accuracy and integrity, Central Carolina Pharmaceutical Services aims to fill, pack and deliver your essential medications. Call on us for any and all pharmaceutical needs and know that you’re always in good hands. Contact us today by calling (336) 629-9666 for more information about how we can assist you.